The limitation of conventional backups.

While backups represent a form of disaster recovery, they fail to take care of the issue with downtime. Conventional backup solutions are slow and do not allow you to continue working while recovery takes place. When a server fails it can take days to recover, days where your business loses critical revenue.

In contrast, DisasterPROTECT Plus™ provides continuous data mirroring from servers and desktops to a local cloud environment. Should calamity strike, the system can be virtualized allowing your business to stay productive. Minimizing the downtime from data loss is a key component of the DisasterPROTECT Plus™ service.

Continuous Data Mirroring

The DisasterPROTECT Plus™ server continuously captures data writes from the operating systems. This provides near real-time protection as this data is simultaneously replicated to the DisasterPROTECT Plus™ environment.

Data Recovery

With DisasterPROTECT Plus™, data recovery occurs in minutes. Through a simple user interface, anything on the server or desktop can be recovered. This recovery is independent of applications; all data can be accessed.

Failover Virtualization

DisasterPROTECT Plus™ can virtualize desktops or servers from replicated data, saving time and money by eliminating the need to support redundant hardware on-site.

Bare Metal Restore

Utilizing DisasterPROTECT Plus™ Bare Metal Restore greatly lowers the time burden of restoring data or creating test environments. Servers and desktops can be rebuilt from any previous restore point to a wide array of physical and virtual hardware.

Granular Exchange Recovery

Restore individual emails, folders, mailboxes or attachments without needing a full server recovery.DisasterPROTECT Plus™ restores Exchange data in a few, simple clicks.

Offsite Transfer

Data is replicated to our SAS 70 Type II Certified datacenter, ensuring a high standard of security and availability. Data can also be replicated to your own secure storage location.

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