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About Our Network Solutions

Network design has been our specialty since the early days of NetTek. We have been helping businesses with a custom-designed solution that achieves their goals and enables them to grow. As our landscapes has evolved, so has the design of business networks.

From small business offices to large rock quarries, NetTek can provide the best IT solutions for your business and budget. Our team is certified, knowledgeable, and experienced in providing and supporting the industry's leading technology products and solutions.

Minimize Downtime

DisasterPROTECT Plus™ can recover your data quickly to ensure that you are back online without having to wait days without operation.


Ensure Continuity

We know how important it is for your business to keep running. By continuously mirroring your data, we can keep your operations running smoothly even when unexpected problems occur.



Virtualize Data

Backup your data onto a cloud environment to offset data loss in events of disaster. Migrating your business operations into a virtual setting will reduce negative effects substantially.

How We Keep Your Data Safe

Continuous Data Mirroring

The DisasterPROTECT Plus™ server will constantly and continuously capture data writes from the operating systems which will provide near real-time protection. Data is simultaneously replicated to our backup environment.

Fallover Virtualization

Server and desktop environments will be virtualized through replicated data, saving time and money by eliminating the need to support redundant hardware on-site.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is provided within minutes of a problem or disaster occurring. A simple interface can recuperate any data that was running on either a server or desktop.

Granular Exchange Recovery

Anything from individual emails, folders, files, mailboxes, or attachments are restored back to the environment without the need of a full server recovery.

Offsite Transfer

Data replicates to our SAS 70 Type II Certified data center, ensuring a high standard of both security and availability. Replication of data can also be done to any storage locations.

Bare Metal Restore

DisasterPROTECT Plus™ utilizes bare metal restore to greatly lower the time burden of restoring data or creating test environments. Servers and desktops can be rebuilt from any previous restore point to physical and virtual hardware.

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