Cloud Computing

Experience the freedom of mobility

Put your office in the cloud

NetTek's Desktops2Go® is a cloud-based, fully- hosted, state-of-the-art server that can bring your office anywhere you go. Our desktop solution can expand the mobility of your business work to you without the expense of traditional onsite IT infrastructure.


Work from anywhere, at anytime

With our fully-hosted, up-to-date server, you can use your desktop environment anywhere you want by bringing your office to you


Focus on your business

Our desktop solution allows you to focus on your business without worrying about the technology


Enjoy efficient and effortless computing

Our servers can help you reap the benefits of a mobile office with little cost and effort

What Desktops2Go® can offer

Increased Productivity

Give your mobile workforce a great desktop experience from any device wherever and whenever they need it


Expand or contract to your business needs with an up-to-date desktop environment


Take your desktop, data, and applications wherever you go. Be productive no matter where you are and from any device


Access your data securely anywhere through our private virtual data centers with built-in data encryption and security

Low Cost

Utilize a high performance desktop infrastructure without all the high hardware, software, and labor costs

Predictability & Affordability

Get everything you need including hardware, software, upgrades, and data protection for a low monthly fee